My experience with anal plugs has changed my life in So many ways. The energy in my body feels amazing when I’m wearing my plug and lovemaking with my husband Has gotten more intense. I’m now working on a butt plug collection. Can’t wait til I get my next one!

-B Gaden


What can I say other than my new butt plugs are simply Fresher! From the Space Tiffany intentionally holds for all her clients, the super fast shipping, the AMAZING and speedy customer service and the gorgeous packaging, how can it not be!? I have trusted them as my vendor for almost 2 years now.

-J Hamilton


On a more positive note, learning to use the yoni egg crystals I purchased, has been a God send! The properties for healing, inspiring wellness physically, mentally & spiritually, as well as improving my place of centering myself have all been successful! Not to mention changing my thought process!

-C Harris


My experience with butt plugs has been incredible. My first toy ever which was Unakite which I bought online. I purchased the Unakite to strengthen the bond emotionally between myself and my partner. I had a way of detaching out of fear and I knew I needed to stay present emotionally.



I really love my new sex toys. They are beautiful and of great quality. I received them in the mail yesterday, the company kindly alerted me that they should be arriving soon, and sure enough i checked my mail a few hours later and they were there. I opened the box and inspected the toys and they were perfect. Very smooth all the way around, i looked and felt where the holes were drilled in to make sure it wasn’t sharp anywhere and im happy to say the holes are drilled perfectly. No sharp edges and no chipped areas. I haven’t gotten to use the anal plugs yet, but i plan on it tonight.