Anal Vibrators: Guide to choose the best anal stimulator

After use, most people throw their toys aside. Then clean them up maybe a few days later. Do not! Better to clean your toys immediately or within a few hours. That prevents unpleasant infections and they last longer. How to clean your best anal vibrators to keep it usable for long? Here are the tips:

First time

Is it your very first time having sex with a toy? Then check it thoroughly first. No weird cracks, smells or other rarities? Fine! Then clean it with these tips:

Toy cleaner

Rinse your toy well under the hot tap and then use the special toy cleaner. Disinfect the toys and use a clean cloth or kitchen paper.

Antibacterial cloth

You can also clean your toy with an antibacterial cloth. This is a bit faster and easier, but in the end, the real toy-cleaner decontaminates better.

Antibacterial soap

Wash your toy with antibacterial soap. Fast and easy if necessary, dry it with a clean cloth or kitchen paper. Please note that there are no pieces of paper in corners and holes!


Put your toy in the dishwasher; the machine does the job. This is only possible with non-electric and non-porous toys. Do not add a dishwasher tablet! The chemicals can affect your toy. Of course, this is not the most discrete solution and also not really suitable for children in the house.


You can also cook for a date this non-porous and non-electric toys. Put the toy in a pan with hot water and cook for about 10 minutes.


You can also cook non-porous and non-electric toys in the microwave. Put the toy in a microwave safe dish or bowl and put it under water. Set the microwave to the highest setting for about 7 minutes and your toy is clean.

Anal sex is hot! Although many couples do not really talk about it, we notice the sales figures and questions we get that anal sex is really a trend. Hence a bit more information about anal sex is required. What’s good about it? How do you do it? Does it hurt? What should you pay attention to? Which sex toys can you use? Which care products can you use? Here all the information!

Here are some successful tips on the first introduction to anal sex:

  1. Take a shower

Hygiene is important in anal sex. It makes it more pleasant and you feel more confident about it. So, take a shower and make sure you are fresh and clean when you get to work.

  1. Take the time

A party like this does not happen quickly in between: certainly not if this is your first time anal sex. So take the time. Make sure that both of you can relax well so that you can enjoy them optimally afterward.

  1. Get to know your body

You have two sphincter muscles: an inner that you do not control and an outer one that you do have control. Take the time to let them both relax so that you can avoid pain and have more erotic options. This may take a while. Take the time to get to know your body.

  1. From anal to vaginal is an absolute no!

Never go from anal penetration to vaginal penetration! This is asking for problems and infections in the woman.

  1. Condom

Always use a condom. A condom offers safety against infections and STDs. Unfortunately; you are more likely to have an STD because of anal sex. A condom also makes it easier to go from anal sex to vaginal sex. Take off the condom and you’re done!

  1. Lubricant

Always use lubricant. The vagina has a natural lubricant, the anus does not. Choose a water-based lubricant. You can combine this well with a condom.

Which sex toys can you use?

There is a wide range of anal sex toys some are for both men and women. Some are specific to men. Here an explanation of the different anal toys.

  1. Anal vibrator

Anal stimulation with an anal vibrator is wonderful. An anal vibrator is usually thinner than a normal vibrator. This allows you to insert the vibrator more easily. There are anal vibrators with balls, ridges and the like for extra stimulation and very beneficial to those who are lacking orgasms. Are you a beginner? Then choose a straight and smooth model with a narrow point but first start with a finger stimulation. Advanced users can, of course, try all different vibrators. Use sufficient lubricant and make sure you are well relaxed before inserting the vibrator.

  1. Anal beads

Anal beads are also called anal beads. This sex toy consists of a cord with beads of about 30 centimeters long. The size of the beads is different. The smallest bead is at the end. How does it work? Put the smallest bead in your anus and continue carefully. Each time you bring in a slightly larger bead and see how far you can go.

You can use them as a prelude to anal sex, but you can also leave them during a free party. Some people find it very exciting and stimulating to remove the anal beads during the cumshot. It makes orgasm even more intense and intense. Anal stimulation is often more exciting for men than for women. In the case of anal stimulation, the prostate is stimulated extra and this creates an extra intense orgasm.

  1. Butt plug

A butt plug is also called an anal plug. This sex toy closes the anus and for men this gives extra stimulation to the prostate, giving men a more intense erotic feeling. For women, the same principle applies, but for extra stimulation of the g-spot. You can see a lot of butt plug variations at LP, especially those with fox tails.

  1. Anal shower

An anal douche is a tool to rinse and cleanse your anus. In addition to anal hygiene, an anal douche also gives an erotic tingling. Therefore, flushing your anus can also be the prelude to anal sex.

  1. Anal dildos

The anal dildo is an ergonomic toy that has been modeled with great care into the interior of the male anatomy. The anal dildo finds, during use, exactly your sensitive P-Spot and knows how to stimulate it. For many men, the anal dildo is a follow-up step on the butt plug.

  1. Prostate stimulator

Just like the women have their sensitive spot men also have this, namely the P-spot. During stimulation of the prostate men experience a wonderfully excited feeling. This erotic feeling is similar to an approaching orgasm. No wonder more and more men discover the P-spot and opt for prostate stimulation with the help of a toy. The prostate stimulator is, just like a vibrator for a woman, more and more! Tip: use sufficient anal lubricant.

Which anal care products are there?

Various anal care products are available. You order them quickly and easily online or buy them in the erotic shop in the neighborhood.

  1. Anal lubricant

A good lubricant is indispensable for anal sex. If you use an ordinary lubricant, you will notice that you often have to supplement it. Therefore choose an anal lubricant. Combine your anal sex with toys then use a water-based lubricant.

  1. Anal relax products

These are various anal products that relax the anus and thereby reduce any pain. Think for example of an anesthetic lubricant, relax gel, relaxing spray and so on. These care products are generally water-based, so they can be used well in combination with a condom.

With all the above information you can experiment to your heart’s content and discover whether anal sex is an enrichment for your sex life. Lots of fun!