6 Things to Consider Before Anal and Oral Sex

Every modern woman knows perfectly well that sometimes there are days when you want sex too much. A strong desire may cause cramps in the lower abdomen and even dizziness, but there are no men around and no one can help. There may be a lot of reasons for this, for example, your husband went to another city for work, or you had a row with your boyfriend, or maybe you are a horny pregnant woman and you don’t have your man.


Unfortunately, women do not have enough physical satisfaction, they still need emotional and psychological intimacy, and this makes it even more painful, and the desire to have sex increases. But from any problem you need to find a solution, but how to find it? Can go to the club and find a guy for one night? Unfortunately, social laws and principles cite women that they can only have sex with a loved one, and sex with a stranger is a depravity, even if you like it very much. We found several options and below we will write about each of them in detail.

Realize that this is quite a normal desire!

Most importantly, remember that your sexual desire is completely normal. This is the physiological need of the organism, but more often it does not arise in time. Sex is very useful for women’s health, headaches disappear, and the body rejuvenates, and doctors say in one voice that the risk of stroke is reduced. This list can be continued indefinitely, but now is not about that. For wearing a butt plug in public this is a very important matter now.

Remember that if you strongly want to have sex – you are a great girl who has sexual energy and good sexual health, which is very important for a relationship with a man. If you are ashamed of your desires – you go against your own nature, and an attempt to go against yourself is doomed to failure with a 100 percent guarantee. In your sexual fantasies, there is nothing terrible, the only nightmare is in constant thoughts about sex, you need to do something and solve the problem, and otherwise, you can go crazy with daily desire.


First, try to do yourself well without a partner. Statistics show that a very small percentage of women can achieve a vaginal orgasm during tantric sex, but absolutely any woman can achieve a clitoris orgasm. Most women masturbate in completely different ways, but each can bring themselves to the clitoris orgasm, why don’t you try? Of course, no one will know about your masturbation, girls never admit it and keep everything to themselves. Just turn on your favorite porn movie and massage your clit, if no one bothers you, it will be a great discharge of sexual fulfillment.

Sex toys

Many girls are embarrassed to go to sex shops, but in this situation, you have to overcome yourself and finally look at a wide range of toys. When you meet a man, you have no idea what his penis size is and what to expect in bed, but in the sex shop, you will immediately see the length and width of all the phalluses. Manufacturers are trying hard for women, each company works conscientiously and conducts polls before the release of a particular toy, you will find all sorts of dildos and even different colors. In addition, the usual dildo – this is the main sex toy, but there are many other toys, all sorts of vaginal balls or vibrators that are able to deliver unearthly pleasure when used correctly.

We recommend ordering this product in the online store, and the parcel will come via courier or mail, but in any case, it will be carefully sealed and no one will know the contents. Payment occurs in several ways (choose yourself): by plastic card, cash to the courier or by mail upon receipt.

Search men

This is the most difficult, but the most correct and effective way. You need to do your personal life and finally find yourself a normal man, whom you will love, and with whom you will have quality sex. When you find a man, you can forget about sex toys, or use them in sex only for a change.

But if you want to opt for an extreme scene, Go find some guys who are up for a threesome with a chastity on, or maybe just do the classic spit roast with them.

The butt plug is needed to stimulate the anal passage and adjacent areas. This toy is a favorite accessory of many people. It’s all about the versatility of its application. This can be either an optional accessory in a pair or an item for independent use.

Butt plug for individual use

A butt plug is used for anal sex, more often in gay sex. Long, firm, smooth, with a different diameter, it will provide you with easy penetration and amazing sensations.

Couple anal sex

In a pair, such a stopper will replace your third partner, and will also very delicately stimulate the male phallus. As soon as the anal plug is inserted into the woman’s anus, her vagina is reduced in size, which gives the man a furious pleasure.

Preparing for anal sex

Strange as it may sound, but men really need prostate preparations before anal sex. Physiologically, the sphincter of the anus can strongly open, if a person is relaxed and, as they say, wishes so. Otherwise, there will be a very strong pain, injury, tissue damage is still possible. After such cases, no one will do it again. Usually, in all experiments, it all starts with the fingers. When you can calmly react to two or three fingers, it means that in principle you are ready for anal sex.

We recommend trying the butt plug when preparing, it must be used together with a lubricant. Take a set of 3 anal plugs of different sizes. Start with the smallest. Gradually the butt plug will smoothly enter your partner/partner without discomfort. The conical shape allows you to relax the muscles of the sphincter. This will give you a signal that you can engage in anal sex and achieve orgasms with a partner.


In different games, it can be used as a decoration: there are many variants of caps, in which the limiters are presented in the form of gems or tails. See this reliable retailer of animal tail plugs.

For wearing

This option is used for pleasant sensations. Wearing traffic jams happens all the time, people get used to it so that over time it’s uncomfortable to walk without traffic jams. They experience emptiness. Wearing a cork enhances sexual desire – this can be compared with a state of constant arousal. When wearing a butt plug you are always ready for sex. You can wear it a couple of hours before sex as foreplay. We recommend you to choose for these purposes traffic jams up to 10 cm, with a diameter up to 5 cm, you need an elegant stopper, and otherwise, you will not pass for a long time.


Lovers usually wear light and long corks with a smooth shape. You need to try hard to keep such traffic jam, respectively, this is a real workout. It is recommended to wear a thong so that the back of the linen presses the cork to the body.