Lelo Hugo Remote Controlled Prostate Massager Review

First Impressions

Now for reasons that are unknown to me, the HUGO I received was not presented in it’s usual packaging. It was sealed up in bubble wrap, but still contained everything that would be included in a regular purchase. The actual packaging is similar to the LOKI – a crocodile skin effect cardboard box with a clear window in the lid, allowing you to see the toy inside.

Inside the box, you’ll get the HUGO, the remote, a storage bag, USB cable, Manual, Sachet of lube, Warranty card and a key to unlock the battery compartment on the remote (which requires 2 x AAA batteries). If the presentation is anything like in the LOKI, it’s nice and feels truly luxurious.

HUGO is coated in LELO’s deliciously smooth and silky silicone and features a gold ABS plastic base, imprinted with the LELO insignia. There is a little cap next to this which hides the charging port. Simply plug it in and then you can charge it either via your computer, or USB wall plug. Charging takes approximately 2 hours and will give you around about 2 hours of play time.

The toy has 2 powerful motors, one in the angled shaft, and a second on the perineal arm which provides external stimulation. There are 6 modes of regular vibrations and 2 SenseMotion modes (which I will get onto shortly). It has an insertable length of 3.5 inches and a girth of just over 4 inches, making it suitable for almost any experience level.

In Use

You can use the HUGO in 2 ways – either with the remote, or without the remote. To use with the remote, you simply press the Plus (+) button on the remote, then then press the button on the base of the HUGO once. The remote should then start to vibrate, along with the HUGO. Pressing the middle button on the remote cycles it through the 2 SenseMotion modes, and then each additional press takes you through the different patterns. You can then control the intensity by pressing the plus and minus buttons.

If you want to use the HUGO without the remote, simply just press the button on the base of the toy – DON’T touch the buttons on the remote. You can then just press the button on the base of the toy to again, cycle through the 6 different patterns.

I was so extremely excited to give this a try. It’s slightly smaller than the Rosa, so I decided that I wouldn’t attempt any warm up, especially as LELO say that this is supposed to be a good size for beginners as well, so I wanted to test out their theory. With a generous helping of water-based lube, I got into position and began to insert.

Initially, I did meet a little bit of resistance. The curve here is slightly more pronounced that on the LOKI, but with a couple of deep breaths, I completely relaxed and it soon slipped in with ease. Thanks to the very thin base, it came to rest comfortably, with the secondary motor now nestled up against my perineum.

I decided for my first time out, I would go remote controlled, so I could just lay there and get a feel for all of the vibrations. So with 3 presses of the remote, I was soon buzzing away on the first constant pattern, at it’s lowest speed. Even on it’s lowest speed, it’s got a decent rumble and a good amount of power – enough to have you sit up and say “Oh, hello…!”.

Speaking of which, sitting up on the HUGO is easy and comfortable. It’s been designed to fit within the natural contours of the body, so you can sit and rock on the HUGO without it feeling uncomfortable. This also intensifies the sensation as this pushes the tip firmer towards the prostate. I tried for a while, to walk around with the HUGO inside, and whilst it wasn’t necessarily unpleasant, I much prefer to sit/lie with this sort of toy. I’d save walking around for plugs.

As I started to work my way up the speeds, I couldn’t help but let out a mild giggle of shock. For it’s size, it really does pack a punch – I think the vibrations are almost on the same level as the Rosa. Not quite, but it’s VERY very close. Immediately I also noted that this is ever so slightly stronger than the LOKI. Remember how I said I was desperate for the LOKI to just go that one notch higher? Yeah, the HUGO goes there. And a bit more, I reckon.

I soon switched on to the second pattern, which is a pulsing setting. The 2 powerful motors pulse together, providing exquisite stimulation on the inside, and then you get the external tickle as well. I lay there for what felt like hours, just enjoying the sensations – the HUGO does leave you feeling surprisingly full. I soon began to feel a tingle over my body, and I knew that an orgasm was imminent. As I lay on my back, I began to ‘thrust’ my hips a little, which moved the HUGO inside, putting more pressure on the prostate. And with very minimal effort on my part, I felt a huge wave of energy pulsate through my body and then I began to shudder in orgasm.

On it’s second outing, I used the HUGO without the remote. Here, things get intense pretty much from the get go as you can’t control the intensity of the vibrations using it this way. So it’s pretty much “HOLY SHIT” right off the bat. For those of you who absolutely crave power, and need power straight away, then this mode will be perfect for you. For those of you who enjoy the power, but also like the warm up – then I would definitely stick to using it with the remote.

The third time HUGO came out, I gave it to my husband to try, and I lay next to him with BRUNO, so we could play together. He to started without a warm up, just a good coating of lube. He said it slipped inside extremely easily and comfortably, and also left him feeling full as well. As I introduced him to the different patterns (and the power) I figured this would be an excellent opportunity to explore the SenseMotion mode.


To use the SenseMotion mode, you need to just turn the remote and the toy on. Both will start to vibrate at a low level. On the first SenseMotion mode, as you tilt the remote, the intensity of the vibrations will increase. As soon as the remote is tilted 90 degrees, it’s at it’s highest speed. Laying it flat again, reduces it down to the lowest speed.

Pressing the middle button will take you to the second SenseMotion mode. This time, you simply just ‘shake’ the remote. The more vigorous you shake it, the more intense the vibrations are. What I like about the remote, is that it also vibrates along with the HUGO – so you know exactly what setting you have it and what intensity.

So with the MR now completely at my whim, I began to use the SenseMotion to tease him. Letting it sit there on a low setting before twirling the remote around in my fingers, creating a unique pulsing sensation that had him writhing and wriggling around. I can already see this working well with someone being blind-folded and restrained… ooh that’s an idea for next time!

The ‘Shake’ function is begging to be used during masturbation – using an elastic band (or similar) to secure the remote to my hand, I can then stroke and the speed of my stroke will then affect the speed of the HUGO… Oh yeah. But that’s for another day….

As we both lay there with our respective toys buzzing away, we soon reached the pinnacle of pleasure and whilst touching each other, we both reached climax at the same time. It was powerful, slightly disorientating and admittedly, I was left very out of breath. He was laying there completely drenched in sweat and was huffing and puffing away too. I’m pretty sure this means it was a success.

Clean-up and Maintenance

HUGO is completely waterproof, so can be taken into the bath or shower for some aquatic fun. This also means cleaning is a breeze. Simply rinse with warm water and some toy cleaner, before drying throughly and storing it away in the provided silk storage bag – which is big enough to hold HUGO, the remote and the Key. You can also just about fit the USB cable as well.


Well I have to say, LELO are definitely on to a winner here. All of the short-comings that the LOKI has, have been addressed with the HUGO. It’s definitely got more power too it, and the secondary motor provides the extra stimulation I need to take me over the edge. The remote is definitely a very welcome addition and offers some exciting new ways to play, especially with a partner. It doesn’t quite top the Rosa for me, but I was totally surprised with how well this worked, and I am so glad to add it to my collection.

The downside? The price. It’s more expensive than most of the other luxury prostate toys out there. Is it worth it? It’s got the power, it’s remote controlled and the added SenseMotion function can certainly kick things up a notch when playing with somebody else. If you’ve ummed and err’ed about getting the Rosa, then perhaps you should just take the plunge with the HUGO – you’re getting a similar kind of power and sensation, but the remote certainly makes things easier and more fun.