The b-Vibe Triplet Waterproof Remote Control Vibrating Anal Beads Review

My man has very refined anal tastes, and many anal toys that others would love have previously been shunned by his very specific preferences.

And there’s certainly nothing wrong with this: We all have our personal preferences and it just so happens that my partner has a very specific range of sensations that he likes to work within when it comes to anal play.

That just means, from a toy point of view, he represents a challenging customer.

So, how did this tricky tush fare when presented with the b-Vibe Triplet Waterproof Remote Control Vibrating Anal Beads—a $140.00 that would need to prove its worth tenfold in order to get a seal of approval in our household.

Well, I won’t give everything away but I will say that my partner spent a looooong time testing this toy at times.

The b-Vibe Triplet Waterproof Remote Control Vibrating Anal Beads

The b-Vibe Triplet Waterproof Remote Control Vibrating Anal Beads is a luxury set of anal beads that can be remotely controlled for hands-free (or paired) fun.

The Triplet comes with a great storage bag.

Color-wise the b-Vibe Triplet comes in two different colors—Fuschia and Black—and this makes me just a tiny bit sad. With the brilliant blue shown on the b-Vibe Triplet’s packaging I was hoping that there would be a similar color option, but this time us blue fans have been left high and dry. Still, maybe b-Vibe was trying to avoid looking to gender normative, so I’ll give them a pass here.

Speaking of the packaging, its sturdy, well-designed, and conveys all the information you’d want it to. The front of the b-Vibe Triplet’s packaging proudly dons a ‘Innovative Couples Gift of the Year’ badge and an image of the b-Vibe Triplet that is representative of its actual size.

This is a great feature for uncertain buyers, as it helps estimate whether or not the toy will be appropriate if the packaging is seen in person. For online sales, on the other hand, you kind of have to trust the specs.

Measurement-wise it has an overall length of 5.9 inches and an insertable length of 4.75 inches. The maximum circumference is 3.8 inches but the beads themselves start small and then increase in size, allowing you to ease in to insertion rather than skipping straight to a large bulge.

The b-Vibe Triplet comes with a brilliant storage case which is great for travel and really highlights the couples angle that b-Vibe is going for with the b-Vibe Triplet. The case is glossy and firm and has more than enough space inside for the toy and a small tube or sachet of anal lube (a must with any anal toy). Just remember that the best lube for silicone toys is water-based, as other kinds can cause damage.

Speaking of material, the silicone used for the b-Vibe Triplet is luxuriously smooth and has very little drag for a matte silicone toy. It slides across the palm of my hand wonderfully and slips even smoother in to place during use.

The beads for the b-Vibe Triplet are rather firm (but do have some give) whereas the neck between each bead is semi-flexible, allowing the shaft to have some bend.

But the real magic of the b-Vibe Triplet are its two powerful motors—one located in the mid-bead and one located in the bottom bead. This works really well to target key parts of the anus once inserted and the reverberation of the two motors really works to the vibrators advantage.

In the hand, the b-Vibe Triplet’s vibrations feel slightly buzzy but my partner assures me that during use then ‘are very nice and resonate deeply’. His climaxes with this toy are, by his own description, ‘powerful and intense’, so much so that on one occasion he went upstairs to test the b-Vibe Triplet just to recap on the sensations and ended up spending a long, decadent period of play to himself, culminating in a strong orgasm.

Any toy that can give my mister such an irresistible orgasmic release is a winner in my books.

As for the remote, it really is a great addition to the toy. The remote can transfer vibrations from up to 30 feet away and the buttons on it are very intuitive and easy to use. Despite this I wouldn’t recommend using the b-Vibe Triplet outside, as it is a tad noisy. Best to keep your b-Vibe Triplet fun indoors, where you can tease the wearer with whatever variation you desire.

The b-Vibe Triplet is a comfortable toy for long term use, which helps in terms of using it remotely as a lead up to a strong climax. After all, nobody wants an uncomfortable tease (at least not without forewarning).

My partner adored the remote for solo use, too, as it meant he didn’t have to keep on prodding the base of the toy in order to change settings.

In terms of downsides my partner had very few.

I was expecting this toy to have the usual downside of silicone anal toys—retaining an odor—but it turns out that scents wash out of the b-Vibe Triplet quite well, which I was impressed with.,

The only real downside my partner had was that the base could have a better taper and he’d like a little less bulk, so that it fit better between his cheeks, but even then this was a minor complaint.

The b-Vibe Triplet is waterproof and rechargeable, via a magnetic clip, adding to its benefits and making its downsides seem even less significant.

At this point adding any other gripes really would be a nitpick.

Heck! Even the case is wonderfully discreet—having nothing but a solitary ‘b’ on the front to hint at its contents.

Final Thoughts

Overall my partner and I were very pleased with this product and found it effective in all the ways it intended to be.

Did we use it much as a couple? Not too much, but that’s because it was equally enjoyable to let my partner have control of his own pleasure and explore the plug on his own terms.

The remote control works just as well for this, and really does offer all the convenience and confidence you would hope for.

The plug itself is well-sized, accessible to those who haven’t tried an anal toy before, and wonderfully smooth. It’s body-safe, pleasurable, and gets the my partner’s seal of approval.

We couldn’t be happier!