3 Tips on How to Give your Man an Orgasm

Although enjoying a man is not difficult in itself, it does not guarantee you to satisfy him completely. Even if ejaculation male is almost always accompanied by pleasure, it is not always synonymous with a powerful orgasm. So let’s see how you can go about increasing the duration and the quality of the pleasure you are going to give him to make him cum like never before!

Mastering his excitement to make a man cum

One of the biggest secrets to increasing a man’s pleasure is learning how to control his excitement. If you want him to improve his control over his excitement, try giving him chastity cage as a gift. The longer the stimulation phase is and the more often it will approach the point of no return (the culminating point of male sexual arousal) without reaching it, the more its excitement will increase, and the more its orgasm will be strong and intense at the time of ejaculation. In fact, many men do this in their solitary masturbation sessions in order to prolong the pleasure and increase the intensity.

But for a woman, unless you really know her partner well, it is not easy to guess the precise moment when the man approaches the point of no return. So here are some signs that can detect it:

  • His breathing becomes louder, hoarse, panting and he is out of breath.
  • His heart beats faster
  • His fingers, the muscles of his belly and thighs are tense.
  • Its pupils dilate (more difficult to perceive according to the position, the lighting, etc)

But know that the ideal, to understand the different stages that a man goes through to reach orgasm, is to ask him to masturbate under your eyes, or even better, to masturbate him to the ground. Do it from time to time and make a note of what is happening. Not only this exercise is of course very exciting for both of you, but in addition, it will allow you to understand the mechanisms of male pleasure and so you will be able to locate the approach of the point of no return of your man.

You can also define the use of a “code” such as pressure on an arm or a thigh or simply pronounce the word “stop” – which will make you understand that you must immediately stop the stimulation so as not to exceed the critical threshold.

Now that you know what is undoubtedly the best technique for enjoying a man and giving him powerful orgasm let’s see some cases of practice:

  • To become the erotic muse that will provide an intense orgasm to your partner and inspire him with unspeakable fantasies, think above all to make the preliminaries last as an amuse-bouche of choice for your man who will be mad with desire
  • Rival imagination and sweetness while showing you naughty and make him forget his old conquests: your man will ask for more!
  • To make a man cum: Have him languish to make his desire rise master the excitement of your man. If you want to enjoy a man so he feels a lot of fun, do not give him sex at the same time he wants, but let him understand that it will be for later. All the sexual energy that he has accumulated during the waiting phase is a very powerful factor to increase the intensity of his orgasm.

To summarize, make you desired! This can be done through sexting exchanges throughout the day so that mister returns after his day of work with only one idea in mind: make love to you like never before!

Do not be shy and show your man that you are burning with dedication to find him for a passionate embrace. Write to him your hottest fantasies, what you will do to him and ask him what he would like to do to you. Blow hot and cold air to create in your man a kind of frustration that will increase his pleasure at the moment of enjoyment. Purchase the best sex toys at loveplugs.

How to behave before sex to give me a mega orgasm

A sexual act that will give a lot of pleasure to your man and you too at the same time is preparing for everyday life. Adapt your gestures languidly and sensually. Play with your hair and put it back in place with a delicate and supple movement. Put your hand on your thigh while standing straight which will put your chest forward. All these gestures will be as many codes that your partner will be able to interpret.

Even in the ordinary acts of everyday life, be sexy. Touch it with your breasts by picking up what you dropped or give it the delicious view of your buttocks by catching something in the fridge, looking like nothing.

It is through this game of cat and mouse that your partner will be at the height of excitement and enjoyment because what’s more exciting for a man to feel that his partner really want sex, not to mention steamy shower sex, with him?

Be sexually attractive

Without undressing completely of course, reveal to him the part of your body that you like the most. Take care to fall an outfit that will highlight your chest with a little black dress but be careful not to fall into vulgarity: men hate that!

A neckline yes but not the mini-skirt associated with the risk of being really “too much”, light years away from the femme fatale that will awaken the senses of your Apollo!

Men like women who are pretty and take care of their appearance. Perfume yourself with a sensual fragrance, always be freshly shaved because believe me; a “woman-cactus” definitely has nothing attractive!

Masturbate in front of your man to stimulate his desire

You probably already know but one of the naughtiest male fantasies is probably female masturbation. So, do not deprive your partner of this moment of visual grace! Caress yourself in a sensual way, with slow gestures without forgetting to look at Monsieur in the eyes by throwing at him your most mischievous look; the one who says a lot about your intentions. Give pleasure to erotic games to two to make a man enjoy.

Again, keep in mind that men like to be “baffled”; surprise your Jules by giving him the opportunity to reverse the roles. Organize an erotic game where you will be domineering: be the priestess of the delights of the flesh, you authoritarian school teacher and he became a little obedient schoolboy!

Your man will be thrilled to see his partner take the lead and lead the dance of love with the greatest brio. It’s up to you to reveal to all your talents as an actress: a shy nurse, a housekeeper with light manners or an uncompromising police officer, you will be spoiled for choice to make her rise to the skies of pleasure.