4 Ways to Choosing the Best Prostate Massagers

Experience an orgasm without touching the penis? That works, at least that’s what the men say, which have already experienced one. Unfortunately, we women cannot feel that in our own bodies because the focus of interest is the small but fine prostate, also called prostate gland. How to stimulate this so that the man comes to orgasm? Take the help of the best prostate massagers to ensure his pleasure.


The prostate gland surrounds the urethra below the bladder and fills with excitement or stimulation with the fluid that shoots the sperm through the urethra during orgasm. The prostate is also called the G-spot of the man and belongs like his female counterpart to the erogenous zones. And like all other of these wonderful body regions, the touch is pleasurable only when excitement is already at stake. Then she feels much better, as she fills with liquid like a sponge. So before you go on an erotic exploration, you should get your partner in the mood. For prostate stimulation, there are a number of special dildos and vibrators that are bent so that when inserted into the anus chestnut-sized gland hit spot. Yes, exactly, you have to take the path through the Po. The appropriate hygiene in advance and the generous use of lubricants are therefore essential. It is even more intimate if you treat your partner with a prostate massage by your own hand.


By relaxing in the excitement

To warm up, you can massage your loved one on the whole body. Warmed massage oil lets your hands slide over your skin. You do not even need to knead so hard; after all, this is an erotic matter and not a medical excuse. In the most sensitive areas such as the neck, inside of the arms and thighs and the sides of the body, you may like to stay a little longer. It is especially nice to be able to glide smoothly over its entire back with full physical effort and feel your breasts doing so, If you feel like you can start, kneel between his slightly splayed thighs. To lift the butt a little, put a pillow under his hip. For the anal area there are special lubricants, Vaseline is also very suitable. Since the anus does not produce its own lubricating fluid, you are welcome to take a little more.

Let the tension rise by devoting yourself to the buttocks extensively. Then first grease your finger and distribute some lubricant on the anus. Now you can slide in with the middle finger. If you notice resistance, just wait a moment and continue. The sphincter is naturally contracted and should therefore be gently stretched and loosened. You can shake your finger easily. This relaxes the muscles. Let the stretched finger revolve in slow, quiet motions as far as your hand allows the movement. Diagonally down, you can now feel the prostate in five to seven centimeters deep. At this point, the fabric is slightly firmer with a smooth to slightly rough surface. Gently circling it with your finger, apply light pressure and let go. Hold the pressure and vibrate with your finger. You can slide from left to right and back again or up and down. Play with the pressure and also with the speed. You should pay close attention to your partner and what he likes. If the sphincter muscle is far enough, you can accept the index finger. Then the prostate can also be rolled between the fingers.

For another method you do not have to take the path through the anus because you can also massage the prostate over the perineum. Your lover should lie on his back. Just behind the testicles is the place you can rub, press and knead. This indirectly stimulates the prostate. Of course you may also caress the penis and testicles with the other hand. And also at this point it is great to accept a vibrator that is healthy for you. Just try out together, which touch feels good and how far you can go.

Small precautions

Do not just surprise your partner with a finger in the butt. You probably would not like that either. Talk about the topic beforehand and check whether he feels like this new experience. You have to speak anyway, because the anus should be clean. You can clean it easily with lukewarm water. An enema is not essential unless your partner does that exactly. If you feel better, you can also put on a fingerstall or a disposable glove during the massage by hand. Short fingernails are important so that the delicate intestinal mucosa is not accidentally injured. A sex toy must not come into contact with other private parts after use in the anus because in the anus are bacteria that can lead to infections in the vagina or in the penis. That’s why you should always use condoms for anal intercourse. If you’re not using Vaseline as a lubricant, you can simply pull a condom over the toy first. Then it stays clean and you can continue playing with it afterwards. However, this is not recommended with petroleum jelly, as the fat becomes porous due to the grease and can tear.

What is the prostate?


The prostate or prostate gland is a chestnut-sized organ that is internal to the male body; in fact, it surrounds the urethra just below the bladder. It consists of 30 to 50 individual glands, which are connected by muscle fibers and elastic connective tissue and are surrounded by a tough capsule. The glands produce a secretion (so called glandular fluid), which is thin and slightly acidic, and which makes a good part of the ejaculate during ejaculation. It’s important to maintain prostate health so it can continue producing the thick white fluid that makes up most of the semen. And to continue doing that we also have to keep the rest of the body healthy and in tip-top shape.

The prostate can become sexually aroused

In the area of ??the prostate are nerve endings that can be sexually excited (they correspond to the para-urethral glands of the G zone in the woman). When you massage the perineum (this is the area between the scrotum and anus), you stimulate these nerve endings indirectly. For anal massages it is stimulated via the anus.

How do I find the prostate?

The prostate is located on the front wall of the intestine, so if you insert the finger (with a lot of lubrication gel), you feel it, if you feel in the direction of the abdominal wall, after a few centimeters. You can feel it easily, because it has a different consistency (hardness) than the environment. It feels like you are feeling your tense thumb bulb.

Inform yourself before you try anything

Also many anal toys are built for the prostate massage. If you are interested in it and are at least 18, it’s best to consult the erotic shop. Before you try anything, please read this text for anal sex. After all, the anus is quite sensitive and easily injured. Before prostate massages for couples, please read our texts on sexually transmitted infections. In any case, we recommend latex gloves for the prostate massage for two.