Butt Plugs: Does Size Really Matter?

If it seems, that the topic of anal sex revealed, here’s some statistics: sexologists proved, that anal sex is 25% women. That is, every fourth woman really tried and even regularly practices this kind of sex. Therefore, it is needed to find a favorite accessory for lovers, in whose caresses anal stimulation is necessarily present.

The Butt plug and chafing from the Luxurious Tail anal jewelry collection is decorated with a large sparkling crystal. This is the kind of butt plugs fit for royalty. Cork has a perfectly smooth, seamless surface and narrowed the head, which will ensure as pleasant and comfortable introduction. A restrictive base will make it safe to use sex toys.

The Anal Butt Plug Large Silver Tail is a large anal plug made from durable, hypoallergenic medical steel. It is decorated with a luxurious fluffy tail, which gives the cork a special charm. The correct shape and smooth surface provide an incomparable convenience in using the plug for sex with anal plug. Cork perfectly trains the internal muscles of the anus. Long wearing a stimulant will allow you to experience constant sexual pleasure. This is the best way to surprise and please your partner.

Inflatable Butt Plug is an expanding butt plug, equipped with a powerful motor and a soft pear with a control valve. This model is made of a hypoallergenic thermoplastic elastomeric. The toy has seven modes of operation, which are controlled by buttons on the case. A stable base with a reliable suction cup allows you to mount the stimulator on any flat surface. This anal toy is completely waterproof. This is available at https://loveplugs.co/collections/anal-sex-toys.

The stimulator has a relief form, which will provide more vivid and realistic sensations. The rounded head will make the penetration as comfortable as possible. With the help of a sucker, the anal plug can be fixed on any flat surface.

Size does matter and it is always ones personal preference but if your so damn proud how big your toy is share it to https://www.instagram.com/loveplugs.co/ page and see what others thinks.

Anal stimulator with a limiter

Compact and stylish toy made of the most delicate and pleasant material, you will love the smooth and completely seamless surface. The stimulator has a realistic head and a thin barrel. For more comfortable and safe head tip slightly rounded and slightly smaller, than the whole massager. You can also enjoy your favorite toy in the shower.

Anal stimulator of gold

Lelo Earl Gold is a luxurious, stylish and elegant stimulant for the most demanding lovers. The coolness of the noble metal is pleasant and attractive to the naked hot body. The stimulator has a comfortable gold pen; you can control the depth of penetration yourself. Discover new sensual pleasure; plunge into the world of luxury and passion. Earl Gold was created, to give affection clitoris, stimulate male and female point of the G.

Silicone Anal Sleeve

California Exotic – soft and plastic anal sleeve from hypoallergenic silicone. The stimulator has a relief shape, which consists of balls with gradually increasing diameter from tip to base. The head of the massager is slightly bent to allow stimulation of the prostate. The base of the stimulator has the form of a hook for easy removal of the toy from the anus.

Flexible anal chain with original design

Fun Factory Flexi Felix – anal stimulator in the form of a funny caterpillar. Elastic anal beads are made of high quality medical silicone. Smooth balls of different sizes will give you indescribable pleasure. Funny mug beetle, performing the role of a pen, will lift your spirits and help smile. Thanks to the convenient handle you can fully control the process of penetration. Balls gradually increase to the base of the chain. Thanks to the gentle surface and rounded shape, the penetration will be painless and pleasant. Discover new horizons of pleasure.

What newcomers need to know?

If regular sex can often be spontaneous, it is better to prepare in advance for anal intimacy. It is advisable to do an enema in order to clear the rectum, get anal lubricant and experiment a little without a partner. Perhaps at first you will have to limit yourself only to the caresses of the anus in order to truly enjoy anal sex in the future. In addition, it will help you relax as much as possible.

Why there is discomfort during anal sex and how to get rid of it

As a rule, the muscles of the external sphincter of the anus are compressed by the action of the rectal reflex. At first, your task is to minimize discomfort during anal penetration. For this you need:

  • Reduce the conscious compression of the muscles; open the external sphincter (if relaxation is not possible, use an enema).
  • Relax the inner sphincter rings (anal lubricants with a relaxing effect will help you with this).
  • If you or your partners are afraid of painful anal penetration, use a special anal lubricant with an anesthetic effect.

Most importantly, remember that any movement in the anus should be gentle and slow, without coarseness and without excessive speed in order to avoid injuries to the back wall of the intestine.

How to restore muscle tone after anal sex

Many people mistakenly believe that the relaxed sphincter muscles will not return to the previous tone. Of course, it is not. After all, when you sleep, all the muscles of the body are relaxed. But in the morning you easily get out of bed, and the body of you listens, as before. The muscles of the sphincter are no different from other muscles in your body; therefore, they will also easily come in tone after anal sex or using sex toys.

Preparing for anal sex

There are no special secrets in this. But in order not to miss anything in the heat of preparation for a passionate night, it is advisable to follow these simple recommendations. Then you and your partner will have even more fun.


Prepare better in advance so that during anal sex there are no unpleasant surprises. On this day, it is desirable to exclude from the diet spicy dishes, legumes and other products that can cause bloating. A small enema can help clean the intestines – no more than 1 liter. Use ordinary boiled water at room temperature. Do not use any additives. If you decide to use a weak decoction of chamomile for an enema, it should be thoroughly drained. The main advice for beginners is to do an enema in advance. In no case you should not do it immediately before intimacy with a partner. Leave enough time for the intestines to clear.


Take care of the hygiene of the anus. No special means are required for this; you can use ordinary soap and warm water, as well as your usual means for intimate hygiene. Dab the anus with a soft towel and brush with a rich, nourishing cream to soften sensitive skin.

Anus Massage

In preparation for anal sex, it is not superfluous to massage the anus with your finger using a nourishing cream. Try inserting a small anal stimulator or vibrator into the anus to better prepare for new sensations. In addition, it will help stretch the muscles of the anus.