How to Choose the Right Lubricant for your Love Balls

Love balls are an erotic accessory, with which the female desire can be awakened and the pelvic floor trained. It is therefore a sex toy for women, which is especially known under the name of love balls, lust balls, vagina balls or geisha balls.

The latter term can also be found in the origin of this sex toy. Actually, balls of lust originally came from Japan and from there they came to China, Persia and later also to Europe. Women are supposed to have worn love balls in the 18th century. Today, however, you can also find models with two balls.


How you choose your pleasure balls

In the product world of pleasure balls of the brand ero-balls you will find a very large selection of love balls. Experts have put together a few criteria that you should consider when choosing your product. They also guide you on what lubricant to use with anal beads.

The materials

Vagina balls are made of PVC, silicone or metal. Each material has its own characteristics and provides a different form of vaginal massage. For metal models, for example, hot-cold temperature plays are possible.

The number of balls

Most models nowadays have two balls. With some pleasure balls you can vary the number of balls and adjust them individually. You will then find an additional ball in the delivery, which may have a slightly larger diameter and a different weight than the other two balls.

The weight

In classic orgasm balls, which have no vibration function), inside there is a second ball with a different weight. It is also recommended to start with a slightly lighter model and try out some heavier love balls later.

The diameter

Pleasure balls of the brand have approximately the same diameter. In the product descriptions, however, you will find the exact details of the size of the balls.

The extras

Classic vaginal balls have no additional features or extras. However, today you will find numerous models that are remotely controlled, and work much like a vibrating egg and pamper with tingling vibrations.

How your pleasure balls work

Usually, this sex toy for women consists of two balls, which are connected to each other with a sturdy ribbon. At the lower end, a return loop is attached, with which you can easily pull the love balls out of the vagina after use. In most of the models, the two balls each have an internal ball, which is vibrated by every movement of the wearer.

That’s why love balls are also known as pelvic floor trainers. As soon as you insert the Love Balls into the vagina, the muscles of the pelvic floor are tense. This will hold the bullets inside the vagina. This training of the pelvic floor muscles happens unconsciously and is particularly suitable for the regression after pregnancy or for women who have problems with incontinence. At the same time, you can better enjoy yourself with such a strengthened vaginal musculature and pamper your partner better.

Balls of lust

Of course, in addition to the medical aspect, vaginal balls also have a pleasure-enhancing aspect. When inserting the Love Balls into the vagina and while wearing, in addition to the training of the pelvic floor muscles also an erotic stimulation of the vaginal wall. Thus, you can wear your balls of desire for the satisfaction of their own pleasure. The rule is: always keep moving. Because sitting does not feel the vibrations of the balls!

Instructions for care and cleaning of the geisha balls

Even though geisha balls are a sex toy with a very simple handling, experts have put together a few hints and tips for you.

Use of love balls

To insert the love balls, it is best to assume a standing position. Gently bend your knees and relax your vaginal muscles. Be sure to hold the return loop firmly between your fingers. Carefully insert the balls into the vagina. If you feel the balls are not sitting properly, try again. It may also be because you are not yet used to wearing the Love Balls.

Make the balls swing

To feel the vibrations of the balls of pleasure, you have to move. You can carry the vaginal balls in the beginning at home. Of course, once you get used to it, you can also wear the balls while shopping, going for a walk or at a party. If you wish, you can also use your love balls for anal stimulation and insert them into the anus. However, you should use enough lubricant.

How to remove the balls of lust again

In order to be able to remove the Love Balls again easily there is a solid return loop at the bottom of the base. Just pull on the loop and the balls will slip out of the vagina. It is best to take the same position as we recommend for inserting the balls (standing with your knees slightly bent) and relax the pelvic floor muscles.

The brand

Sex shop has created a brand for love balls with ero-balls. In the ero balls product world, discover the colorful Love Balls, some of which are classic in the tradition of the Japanese Geisha balls, some with great extras and features. This can be a vibration function, or small pimples, which provide a great massage effect. With us you are sure to find matching vaginal balls that meet your personal requirements.

Classic Geisha Balls or Vibro love balls

The classic geisha balls stimulate mainly by the vibrations of the inside balls in the hollow balls. The weights that are in the hollow balls are a bit heavier and oscillate with every movement. This ensures the typical massage effect.

Vibro Pleasure Balls are equipped with a small vibro bullet instead of internal balls, which spoils you with its exciting tingling sensation. To control the vibrations you will find a remote control that is either connected to the Love Balls via a cable or works over the radio. With the models with radio remote control, you can discreetly control the vibrations remotely. In these lust balls with vibration, the medical background of this sex toy for women something in the background. The priority here is clearly on the vaginal stimulation by the tingling vibrations. Discover our wide selection of classic love balls and remote controlled vibro balls and train your pelvic floor, without forgetting the fun factor!