Is it a Sin to Use Sex Toys?

Lubricant and Toy are a dream team! For the really lustful use, a lubricant is absolutely recommendable for the vast majority of toys. At Analtoys, lubricant is a must, so to speak. The anal area itself is dry, so does not produce moisture like the vagina. To avoid pain or minor injuries, lubricating gel is the alpha and omega.

But even with masturbators and vibrators, even with dildos and penis rings lubricant can increase the pleasure enormously. However, you must not combine toys and lubricants indiscriminately. Caution is especially important with silicone toys – and this material is the vast majority of toys made. It is problematic if you combine a silicone toy with a silicone-based lubricant (unless it is explicitly labeled as compatible with the toy by the manufacturer). Ordinary silicone-based lubricants attack the material of the toy, making the naturally velvety soft silicone surface rough and brittle. Even the few lubricants based on oil are not useful for toys. You will find the preachers saying that Lord sayeth people using anal hooks will burn in hell, if you like it, then choose.

Luckily, there are plenty of other lubricants that you can use with your toy anytime, anywhere. First and foremost these are water-based lubricants, which are available in many varieties in our shop – for example with delicious aromas, warming or cooling or slightly stimulating. Although the water-based lubricants dry out a little faster than the silicone-based, but you can, if necessary, even re-dosing. Visit┬áLove Plugs for more information.

By the way: A lubricant for sex should always be called a lubrication gel, Other – also lubricious – substances such as petrolatum, baby or cooking oil, butter or margarine, baking or milking fat, etc. should not serve as a lubricant during sex. This is because the fat or oil provides a great breeding ground for viruses, bacteria and fungi. So you could use it to create an infection.


In addition, the products mentioned, which are not marked as lubricants, irritate the skin in the vaginal or anal area very unpleasant. If you are not sure which lubricant is suitable for your toy, the product information in our shop will help you further – you can also filter specifically for toy-compatible lubricant. Or, of course, contact our customer service via e-mail or telephone.


No question – hygiene is an important issue in sex toys. Nobody wants to experience the toy as a transmitter of bacteria and pathogens. Therefore, we recommend that you thoroughly clean the toy before and after use.

Especially you should pay attention, if a toy is used by you and your partner, or if you have changing partners or if you use a toy both anal and vaginal. In order to protect yourself from bacteria and germs, you must then thoroughly clean the toy in between. You should really get a toy cleaner if you are into BDSM. Some toys used in BDSM like male chastity devices are worn for long periods of time so they can accumulate bacteria. So when you give chastity device as gifts.

Most toys can be cleaned with warm water and a mild soap. Watch out for electronic toys: make sure the toy is waterproof! If not, you should only clean it completely with a damp cloth or sponge and soap.

Ideal for reliable hygiene is a Toycleaner. It has a disinfecting, antibacterial effect and is tailored to the material of sextoys as well as to the contact with the skin. Do not apply too sparingly and, depending on the product, wipe with a damp cloth again (in the instructions for use). If you have sensitive skin: In our range you will also find especially mild, skin-friendly Toycleaner. Not suitable is household disinfectant. It could be too hot for the material of your toy.

A proven trick at the end: Condom over the toy pull (vibrator, dildo or Analtoy) or condom over the penis in Toy use (masturbator). Maybe even a ribbed or studded condom for extra stimulation or a flavored for a deliciously stimulating touch? Try it!

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Lubricant is not only useful; it can also be endless fun! Use for example a combination product massage gel and lubricant. Or let yourself be seduced by flavored lube: raspberry, cherry, pina colada, aloe Vera: well, got the taste?


Powder makes us think about make-up. Or the care of a baby’s top. But there are also powders for sex toys. Interesting is the powder especially for masturbators.

After cleaning your masturbator you may not feel so soft and supple. It may also be that the material gets a bit sticky. Here is a powder helps: After you have thoroughly cleaned the toy and dried, you dust it with the special powder. This makes the masturbator again velvety-soft.


Clear, safekeeping and discretion belong together for most of us. Sextoys are now represented in countless German bedrooms and bathrooms. Nevertheless, they are part of our intimate area and we do not necessarily want to see mother in law, visitors or children directly, which we enjoy in pleasurable hours.

Where you keep your toys from prying eyes, of course you know yourself best. (Incidentally: There are toys that are particularly discreet in their appearance, for example, the flesh light, which looks like a flashlight, or Flesh light Sex in a Can, which is modeled on a beverage can).

What else should you consider when storing?

Of course perfect is a special bag or a tin for your intimate products. Clever manufacturers deliver them to the product for free or pack their toys in attractive boxes, which are often kept for further storage. Dust and dirt free are important keywords. In particular, silicone toys are dust collectors, which attract dust virtually magically. Therefore, it is advisable to stow them in a box or bag.

It is also important to dry the toy well after cleaning before it moves into the cabinet or drawer. If you own a battery toy and you want to store it longer: remove batteries! It would be bitter if these leak and damage the toy or render it unusable.Do you have any other tips or experiences that you would like to share with other users? Nothing is as valuable as the recommendations of our smart customers! We are looking forward to your input!